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About Healist Naturals Cash Back

Health & Supplement
Through the Healist Naturals affiliate program, your page visitors will gain access to natural and well-balanced CBD products. If nurtured, the human body and mind have an incredible capacity to heal. Healist Naturals' purpose is to support your patrons in countering everyday depletion so they can reclaim their 100%, naturally. This program offers a 30-day cookie duration.
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What is Healist?

Healist Naturals is a company founded in 2020 that focuses on plant-based wellness products. Their mission is to "revolutionize plant-based wellness" by offering transparency and credibility in a relatively new product category. Healist offers two main categories of plant-based wellness products:

  • Probiotics: They sell a line of probiotic supplements under the brand name "Probulin." These target digestive health with various strains of live bacteria.
  • CBD Products: Available under the brand names "Apothecanna," "Level Select CBD," and "Social CBD," these encompass a variety of CBD-infused products including: Tinctures (liquid drops), Gummies, Topicals (creams, lotions).

What is healist body relief lotion's function?

Healist Body Relief Lotion is marketed as a topical product for temporary relief of muscle and joint discomfort. The main functions of healist body relief lotion are:

Potential Pain Relief: The lotion contains ingredients like menthol, camphor, arnica, and boswellia, which are commonly used for their   analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties. These might help with aches and discomfort in muscles and joints.

Improved Circulation: Menthol and camphor can create a cooling and warming sensation, potentially improving circulation in the applied area. This might feel soothing for some users.

Moisturization: The lotion contains ingredients like shea butter and hemp seed oil, which can help hydrate and moisturize the skin

Do healist sleep drops work?

The effectiveness of Healist Sleep Drops depends on the ingredients they contain and the individual's physical condition. Everyone's constitution is different, so the effects may vary. Healist Sleep Drops might be worth trying if you're looking for a natural sleep aid. However, there's no guarantee they will work for everyone. The ingredients of healist sleep drops and their functions are:

CBD: The primary active ingredient in Healist Sleep Drops is Cannabidiol (CBD). Studies on the effectiveness of CBD for sleep are ongoing, with some showing promise for anxiety reduction which might improve sleep in some cases.

Melatonin: Not all Healist Sleep Drop formulas contain melatonin, but some do. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles.

Botanical Ingredients: Healist Sleep Drops include calming botanicals like chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm, which have traditionally been used to promote relaxation and sleep.

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