why does temu take so long to ship

Why Does Temu Take So Long to Ship – Temu Shipping FAQs

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How long does temu take to ship

The standard shipping time as Temu officially states is 6-22 business days, but in most cases, the shipping time is about 7-15 days. The time is different according to the country and the area within the country. For example, it may take 7-15 days to USA, but 6-20 days to Mexico. The following is a overall time of Temu shipping for different countries and areas for your reference.

CountryTemu Standard Shipping Time (most cases)Temu Express Shipping Time (most cases)AreaTemu Standard Shipping Time (most cases)Temu EXpress Shipping Time (most cases)
USA5-25 Business Days (mostly within two weeks)4-9 Business DaysFlorida7-15 Business Days4-9 Business Days
New York5-14 Business Days4-9 Business Days
California7-15 Business Days4-9 Business Days
Texas5-14 Business Days4-9 Business Days
Canada5-25 Business Days (mostly within two weeks)4-9 Business Days///
UK6-14 Business Days4-11 Business Days///
Mexico6-20 Business Days4-9 Business Days///
Australia6-22 Business Days4-11 Business Days///
South Africa5-25 Business Days (mostly within three weeks)4-11 Business Days///
Jamaica6-22 Business Days4-11 Business Days///
Turkey6-22 Business Days4-11 Business Days///

Where does temu ship from

Temu’s products are shipped from China to overseas destinations, with cities like Guangzhou, Yiwu, Fo Shan and Qing Yuan, etc. being key points of origin. Utilizing a fully managed model, Temu’s suppliers consolidate their goods and send them to domestic warehouses in China. From there, Temu handles the unified shipment of these products to international locations.

Why does temu take so long to ship

For those who have purchased items from Temu, a common question is why Temu’s shipping times are slower compared to other platforms. While Temu’s prices are significantly lower, the delivery times can be twice as long as other platforms. For instance, Amazon typically delivers within a week, whereas Temu might take 7-15 days. This is due to Temu’s operational model, which, while reducing shipping costs and consequently product prices, also increases shipping and delivery times. Click to know exactly Why is Temu So Cheap

Temu uses a fully managed model. What does this mean? Chinese suppliers only need to send their goods to Temu’s domestic warehouses. Temu then handles everything from product listing, storage, shipping, and delivery. As we know, the more steps there are in a supply chain, the higher the costs. Temu’s fully managed model aims to shorten the supply chain as much as possible, sourcing directly from factories. Factories only need to supply the products, while Temu takes care of listing, operations, marketing, logistics, customer service, and after-sales support. This significantly lowers the barriers for suppliers to engage in cross-border e-commerce.

For the platform, Temu acts as a central manager. It controls all aspects of supply, pricing, promotion, and logistics, allowing for unified coordination and centralized management. This not only creates economies of scale, reducing various costs, but also consolidates a large amount of supply and resources, giving Temu more leverage in negotiations and collaborations.

Under this model, individual products are not shipped separately. Instead, the same product is shipped in bulk once multiple orders are placed, contributing to the longer shipping times.

In contrast, platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, and TikTok shop use a semi-managed model. In this model, factories send their goods to operators, who then ship them to their overseas warehouses for listing and sale. This means that products you see on Amazon or AliExpress are already in local warehouses, allowing for quicker delivery once an order is placed. However, this semi-managed model increases storage and transportation costs due to additional supply chain steps, leading to higher product prices.

temu shipping process

Temu is about to launch a semi-managed model. As everyone knows, while Temu has gained significant popularity overseas through aggressive marketing and cheap price by pressuring sellers, its reputation isn’t great. Product quality is one issue, and the inefficiency of cross-border logistics is another.

The introduction of the semi-managed model is likely aimed at attracting sellers who already have warehouses and inventory overseas, thereby optimizing fulfillment speed. This model primarily targets sellers with stock in overseas warehouses. Under this arrangement, sellers need to import platform orders themselves and ship directly to consumers, while also handling returns and other reverse logistics. This approach can significantly reduce shipping times.

Additionally, due to shipping costs, Temu’s current product offerings may lean towards smaller, lighter items. For a comprehensive e-commerce platform to grow, it needs to continuously diversify its product range. Therefore, recruiting brands with overseas warehouses, especially for larger items like home appliances, is crucial. If local brands can join and leverage Temu’s characteristics, it would attract a more affluent customer base.

The semi-managed model simplifies the process for sellers. They can skip steps like product selection, sample submission, design approval, and photo review, and directly list their overseas warehouse products for sale. The platform will still handle subsequent operations such as product detail page editing, pricing, marketing, and after-sales service.

However, unlike Shopee, Lazada, AliExpress, SHEIN, and TikTok Shop, where pricing power lies with the sellers, Temu retains pricing control in both its fully managed and semi-managed models. This is one of the reasons Temu can maintain its low prices. Shop with us to get Temu cash back and save more.

Temu urge shipping

Urge shipment is a service offered by Temu aimed at users who urgently need their products, it’s a free option to choose and cost no money. Selecting this service signals to Temu that the user might be in a hurry to receive their package, so it may be prioritized for shipping and delivery. However, it is widely known that this service often doesn’t perform as expected. Most users report that there is little difference in delivery times whether they choose urge shipping or not.

This issue arises partly due to Temu’s warehousing and shipping model and partly because everyone wants to receive their purchases quickly. As a result, many users select urge shipping even when they don’t urgently need their items. This leads to a high volume of urge shipping orders, which the platform struggles to manage, ultimately causing delays for users who genuinely need their packages urgently.

How to cancel? If you want to cancel Temu urge shipment, simply click the Urge Shipment button again before placing your order. If you have already placed your order, it’s okay not to cancel it, as this is a free service and will not incur any additional charges.

Does temu have overnight shipping

Yes, Temu offers an express delivery service. The difference between express and standard delivery is that express delivery may include overnight shipping or other special methods to achieve faster delivery, whereas standard delivery uses more conventional methods and takes longer.

Temu provides express delivery, but standard delivery orders are shipped for free. However, express delivery incurs an additional shipping fee, which is waived for orders over $129.

Note that some items may not be eligible for express delivery. Typically, the product page will indicate “no express shipping” for such items, and in those cases, it means that consumers can only choose standard delivery.

Temu shipping cost – how much does temu charge for shipping

Standard shipping: free for all orders and the shipping time is 6-22 days

Express Shipping:

For orders less than $129, the cost is $12.9 and shipping time is 4-11 days

For orders more than $129.00, it is free and shipping time is 4-11 days

So, if your order total is already close to $129, you might as well add a small item to push the total over $129. This way, you’ll avoid the express delivery fee and get a small item for free.

Does Temu deliver on Sundays

Temu’s parent company, Pinduoduo, delivers packages on weekends because, in China, a shift system is implemented. Not everyone has weekends off; some people may take two weekdays off instead and work on weekends. This ensures that packages can be delivered every day.

However, cross-border package delivery depends on international logistics companies. Whether Temu delivers on weekends depends on whether its partner courier companies do. Temu collaborates with many well-known courier companies, such as China Post, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Therefore, whether you can receive your package on the weekend depends on which courier company is handling your delivery. Below is the delivery schedule for each logistics company for your reference.

CourierDelivery Schedule
China PostSaturday service available, no Sunday service
USPSRegular Saturday service available, Sunday service only for Amazon; Express Mail available on Sundays but with an additional charge.
UPSNo regular Sunday service, Saturday service rely on consumers’ Saturday surcharge, like Next Day Air-Early AM, Next Day Air, and 2nd Day Air.
FedExFedEx-Express: No regular Sunday service, Saturday service rely on consumers’ Saturday surcharge like Overnight and 2nd Day Services
FedEx-Ground: No regular Saturday or Sunday service
FedEx Home: Sunday service available, most for US, excluding Hawaii and some rural areas.
DHLOnly Weekdays

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