all you need to know before making a temu return

All You Need to Know before Making a Temu Return

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When Temu launched in September 2022, it caused quite a stir. It attracted a large number of users with various free offers and low prices, and it didn’t hesitate to spend heavily on online marketing and advertising. Temu even aired a commercial during the Super Bowl, spending $14 million to purchase two 30-second slots. On the night of the broadcast, Temu’s downloads surged by 45%, and daily active users increased by 20%.

Although Temu’s product prices are indeed much lower than those on other platforms, some products may not meet quality expectation of consumers, leading to returns. Since Temu is a cross-border e-commerce platform with goods shipped from China, returns are not sent to local warehouses but back to warehouses in China. This makes cross-border returns slightly more complicated than local ones. So, let’s take a look at how to handle returns if you are not satisfied with Temu’s products and what to pay attention to during the return process.

Temu return policy

Temu is a legitimate shopping platform with a proper return and exchange policy. If users are not satisfied with their purchases, Temu allows them to initiate a return request within 90 days of the purchase date. It’s important to note that this 90-day period starts from the date of the order that be made, meaning the countdown begins as soon as you pay for the item, not from the date you receive it. Due to the time taken for cross-border shipping, which can sometimes take up to a month, the effective return period is reduced by the shipping time, leaving approximately 60-75 days to initiate a return.

Before initiating a return, you can check the order details for the purchase date. As long as it is within 90 days from the order date, you can apply for a return and refund.

Temu return process

Let’s go over Temu’s return and exchange process, and learn how to return Temu items.

a graphic showing the process of temu return


First, locate the order of the item you want to return. Select the order and click on “return/refund.” Since an order may contain multiple items, you will need to choose the specific item you wish to return. After making your selection, Temu will ask you to choose a reason for the return, such as size issues or quality not meeting expectations. If you select a quality issue, you might need to upload some pictures of the item as proof. This helps Temu understand customer needs better and improve their service to enhance user satisfaction.

Next, choose your return method and refund method. Select a return method that is convenient for you. For the refund method, you can choose to have the refund credited to your Temu account or to your original payment account. The choice is yours. The advantage of refunding to your Temu account is that the refund is processed instantly, and you can use it immediately for future purchases on Temu. Refunding to your original payment account might take some time, which we will discuss shortly.

(Note that each order is entitled to one free return service. If your order contains multiple items and you want to return one of them, that item can be returned for free without any shipping fees. However, if you decide to return another item from the same order later, additional return fees will apply.)

steps guide of how to return temu items


Next, a return instructions page will appear, including an option to print the return label and a reminder to send back the item as soon as possible. Please note that the item must be shipped within 14 days of initiating the return request. If you exceed this 14-day window, your return request will be automatically canceled. For safety, do not immediately discard the original packaging upon receiving your package, as Temu requires the item to be returned in the original packaging to confirm that it is indeed their product being returned.

How do I get a return label from Temu

After initiating a return request, a prompt to print the return label will appear, allowing you to print it at that moment. If you’re not available to print it immediately and need to do it later, you can find the return label using the following methods:

Go to Orders → Your Orders → All Orders → Click “Print Return Label and Start Return” → Print Return Label.

Go to Orders → Find the specific return → Click “Print Return Label” to download and print your return label.

step guides of how to get temu return label


Temu return address

Temu ships from various warehouses located in different cities across China. The specific warehouse from which your order is shipped depends on your delivery address, so the return address is not all the same. Additionally, due to Temu’s operational model, they collect return packages from customers in the same region and then send them back to their domestic warehouse in bulk. Therefore, the return address is assigned based on this process.

It’s important to note that the sender’s address on the package is not the address to which you should return your item. The correct return address will be provided on the return label supplied by Temu. If you use the wrong return address, it could delay the processing of your return.

When will you get refund from Temu

So, when will you receive your refund?

After you send back the item, once they confirm receipt of the returned package and complete the inspection without any issues, you will receive your refund.

Please note that shipping the package back may take some time, and Temu’s inspection process might take a few days as well. After Temu confirms the refund, your financial institution will also need some time to process and return the funds. The entire process may take 7-15 days. The following is a table of time of refunding for different refund methods.

Refund MethodsTime for Temu to Refund to your Financial InstitutionFinancial Institution Processing Time
Credit BalanceInstant/
Apple PayTipically Within 5 Mins1-5 Business Days
PayPalTipically Within 5 Mins1-5 Business Days
CardTipically Within 5 Mins5-14 Business Days (occassionally up to 30 days)
Paypal Pay LaterTipically Within 5 Mins3-5 Business Days
KlarnaTipically Within 5 Mins5-7 Business Days
AfterpayTipically Within 5 Mins3-5 Business Days
Google PayTipically Within 5 Mins1-5 Business Days
Cash App PayTipically Within 5 Mins1-10 Business Days
AffirmTipically Within 5 Mins3-10 Business Days
VenmoTipically Within 5 Mins1-5 Business Days

Why Temu refund without returning

As mentioned earlier, international shipping can be quite time-consuming, a topic detailed in the article “Why Does Temu Take So Long to Ship – Temu Shiping FAQs.” Beyond the time factor, shipping costs are also relatively high, involving significant human and material resources. Therefore, if the cost of returning an item exceeds its value, especially if the item is damaged during transit and the buyer requests a refund, or if the item’s price is low and the shipping cost is higher than the item’s value, Temu may choose to let the buyer keep the item without returning it and issue a refund directly. This approach not only saves costs for the platform but also enhances customer satisfaction.

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